12 July 2013
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Upcoming events roundup: July-December 2013

Networking, hands-on workshops, inspiring presentations and creative stimulation… Events and conferences offer a wealth of opportunities for professional development. We’ve put together a hand-picked selection from the coming six months which we hope aligns well with the interests of you, our readers.

Cooper U: Design Leadership
Various locations (24-25 July, 21-22 August 2013)
“In this intensive, two-day course you will learn from Cooper experts who’ve been coaching companies to deliver better products and services for 20 years. Learn how to diagnose the unique challenges your team or organization is facing and get to the root of the communication roadblocks. Get hands-on experience with communications tools like storytelling to promote big ideas and get buy-in. Use collaborative techniques that help you create an environment that invites participation. Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to guide the creation of products and services that are financially viable, technically feasible, and that your customers love. Most of all you’ll have the skills to become a leader in your organization.”

dConstruct 2013
Brighton, UK (4-6 September 2013)
“dConstruct has a different theme every year. Last year it was ‘playing with the future.’ This year it’s ‘communicating with machines.’ The line-up for this year features designers, developers, artists and researchers from the worlds of web, mobile, security, comedy and music, all united for one day of exploration and entertainment… If you want practical, hands-on instruction, you should come to the workshops but the conference itself is all about inspiration, mind bending, and good ol’-fashioned fun.”

Atlanta, USA (9-11 September 2013)
“UX STRAT brings together UX leaders, strategists, researchers and senior practitioners to discuss the latest trends in strategic experience planning and design. Join us for an event that will help you take experience design within your organization to the next level.”

MobX Conference
Berlin, Germany (11-12 September 2013)
“MobX – your premier annual conference for Mobile User Experience, small screen Interaction Design and usable interfaces on smart devices. This conference is for all you creative minds out there who deal with User Experience, interfaces and interactions in mobile contexts. It’s not primarily for developers (but we do love you, nonetheless). MobX is for all those who love small, mobile interfaces and smart experiences, good usability and consistent behaviour.”

CS Forum Helsinki 2013
Helsinki, Finland (11–13 September 2013)
During the conference days hundreds of content strategists, web designers and marketing and communications professionals from all over the world will come together to learn, discuss and share ideas.

The 9th European Information Architecture Conference (EuroIA 2013)
Edinburgh, UK (26-28 September 2013)
“Over the past nine years, we have broken down cultural barriers, initiated dozens of conferences across Europe, and forged careers. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know we can achieve even more. Today, our focus is on breaking down global barriers and sharing information far beyond European borders. This is why our program now features presentations from the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.”

CX Day
Various locations + online (1 October 2013)
“Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate Customer Experience day on October 1! Join us as we celebrate great customer experience and the professionals that make it happen. Online and in-person events will take place around the world. Stay tuned for more details.”

Service Experience 2013
San Francisco, USA (3-4 October 2013)
“SX brings together organizational leaders, product managers, business process engineers and designers who have a hand in defining, maintaining and executing experiences that span touchpoints, channels and traditional business silos. This two-day conference mixes talks and workshops from people in the trenches. We cover the practice of service design as an approach to managing the complex challenges organizations face when trying to move quickly, frequently, and strategically, all while aiming to bring customer and employee satisfaction and deliver value to the business.”

The Future of Web Apps
London, UK (23-25 October 2013)
“Three days of cutting-edge web development learning and intimate, expert-led workshops. FOWA brings together web visionaries to discuss the technologies, platforms and business models you should be using to launch the next generation of successful web apps… We cover topics that matter most to today’s web developers and business teams (Developer tools, API’s, CSS, JavaScript, and many more) then top it all off with a healthy dose of creativity-enhancing inspiration.”

Munich, Germany (25-26 October 2013)
“push.conference unites creative coding and user experience design, by offering a platform for designers, developers and UX professionals… [it] is a unique inspiring event for the interactive professional field. It unites the established UX/ UI scene with the potential and skillset of a new generation of creative coders and technologists on two amazing days in Munich.”

J. Boye Aarhus 13
Aarhus, Denmark (5-7 November 2013)
The 14th in a series of conferences started in 2005, moved from an initial focus on content strategy to the current broader mix of topics. This year’s tracks include: “Making Search Work”, “Tools: CMS and More”, “Content Strategy”, “Making SharePoint Work”, “Collaboration”, “User Experience Design”, “Intranet Trends”, “Creating Value with Social Media”, “Mobile Next Steps”, “The Digital Manager”

Service Design Global Conference
Cardiff, UK (19-20 November 2013)
The 7th annual edition of the SDN’s global conference, “…SDNC13 will be the place to debate, share and learn about the latest developments in the field of service design. We are looking for the best new work, methods and thinking developed over the past year to take the stage and lead the debate in Cardiff this November.”

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