14 March 2013

A better employee experience drives a better customer experience

“Put your staff first, customers second, and shareholders third.” If that advice sounds illogical, you might expect it’s come from someone with little business success to speak of. But think again; it’s from none other than Sir Richard Branson (who, not coincidentally, knows a thing or two about customer experience too).

Getting employee experience right is critical to getting customer experience right, according to customer experience professional Annette Franz. And it seems logical: If those providing a service enjoy their job, their pleasure and enthusiasm is likely to rub off on customers as well.

Dedication is perhaps one of the first qualities that employers look for in employees. And that’s put to the test very early by Zappos, who are lauded for providing top-notch customer service. After a probationary period, new Zappos hires are offered a bonus to quit, ensuring that those that do stay are committed to the job.

Franz recognizes this connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction as the ‘spillover’ effect: “If your employees aren’t engaged, it will be very difficult for them to delight your customers; in very simple terms … ‘the tendency of one person’s emotions to affect how other people around him feel.’”

She cites six key aspects of delivering the best employee experience:

  • Hire the right people
  • Establish an onboarding process
  • Communication and feedback
  • Empower employees by unleashing ownership and accountability
  • Show appreciation
  • Map the employee journey

Source: “Putting Employees More First” (Annette Franz, CX Journey a.k.a. @CXJourney)

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