13 February 2012

A critical path for customer relevance

Speaker, author and entrepreneur Brian Solis (a.k.a. @briansolis) explains a new way of thinking about companies and their customers. With the new power tools they have obtained, customers now want to have different conversations with brands, organisations and companies. Business leaders must face up to the new challenges by putting customer experiences central, says Solis.

Where businesses are and where they will be next year and five years from now will not be predicated simply by social media. Customer expectations and the capacity to translate trends into actionable market opportunities requires a syndicated, but integrated approach, one where all channels are considered and weighted based on behavior and educated predictions. The true opportunity for customer engagement and scalable profitability lies in the architecture of not only a more social business, but a holistic enterprise that operates under a united front. But to get there requires the difficult first step, acceptance. Second, businesses need to assemble capable stakeholders who can organize the necessary treatise between social media champions, change agents, and leaders to organize a distributed movement that empowers employees, engages customers optimizes experiences, and adapts to new opportunities for growth and earned relevance.

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