8 March 2012

A new species emerges: The connected customer

With the avalanche of new consumer technologies, everyday life is changing rapidly. People are not what they use to be. Empowered by these technologies, they now create, connect, consume, communicate, and contribute intensively.

Author and analyst Brian Solis provides a comprehensive overview of all technology changes companies need to be aware of.

With connected customers, decision making is no longer signified by a simple funnel, nor can business models support decision making before, during, and post transaction across these distributed, connected platforms. This is a time for augmented engagement strategies to cater to different types of customers differently, not only based on behavior but on their expectations, needs, and also the platform they use to connect and communicate.”

You can also update your personas with all this statistical material.

Source: “Meet Generation C: The Connected Customer” (PandoDaily)

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