21 May 2012

Achieving a customer-centric organization

An organization’s structure is often the underlying reason preventing it from becoming truly customer-centric, according to customer experience consultant Colin Shaw. Only a willingness to change this structure will truly put it on the path to delivering an excellent customer experience.

According to Colin:

The concept is a simple one but often ignored. If your organization is ‘product centric’ or ‘internally focused’ you will provide a customer experience that is also ‘product centric’ or ‘internally focused’. If your organization is ‘customer centric’ you will provide a customer centric experience.

But how does one determine how “customer-centric” an organization is? It can be measured along nine scales:

  • People
  • Customer Strategy
  • Systems
  • Measurement
  • Channel Approach
  • Expectations
  • Marketing & Brand
  • Process
  • Culture & Leadership

And for each, the level of maturity is classed as anywhere between “Naive” and “Natural”. Although it’s not the ultimate goal to become “Natural” for each area of focus, there are some tips that Colin shares to improve customer-centricity:

  1. Make sure you are serious
  2. Improve the senior executive’s understanding of customer experience concepts
  3. Implement customer experience councils
  4. Change your measures
  5. Design emotional engaging experiences

Source: Five Insights on How to Build a Customer-Centric Organization (Colin Shaw a.k.a. @ColinShaw_CX)

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