7 May 2012
Jesse Grimes
Jesse Grimes

Bringing the world of theater into customer experience design

By its nature, customer experience design as a discipline is made up of many unique areas of focus. There’s the business acumen needed to gather requirements, distill ROI figures, and interpret analytics. There are also the more “creative” activities of connecting to customers through research, interpreting brand values, and creating prototypes. But where’s an area of inspiration (and tools and techniques!) that you may not have thought of?

It’s the world of theater, according to Adam Lawrence, of consultancy Work-Play-Experience. Drawing on his own broad range of skills and experience, Adam explains that the theater environment offers the perfect setting in which to model any kind of experience.

This 45-minute interview – with consultant Joe Dager – covers the many ways in which Adam transfers stage-based activities and thinking towards perfecting the customer experience. A transcript of the podcast is available here.

Source: “Insight into the Customer Experience through Theater” (Joe Dager, a.k.a. @business901)

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