19 September 2014

Coming up: Service Design Global Conference (7-8 Oct 2014)

The next interesting and important event in the service design community is the SDN Global Conference. This year, the Swedish capital Stockholm is the host for researchers, practitioners and educators in service design.

The Service Design Global Conference (7-8 October 2014, Stockholm) is the premiere service design event providing a unique opportunity to engage, share thought leadership and contribute to the evolving field on a global level. The conference provides a strong network platform for knowledge and value exchange for customer-centric businesses and service design practitioners.

Looking at the program, we found the following talks interesting.

Creative destruction: Design as an agent for change in complex systems

“Design as a discipline has migrated from its function as an element of the manufacturing economy to the service economy, consistent in its focus on the end user. Service design is a research-based specialization of traditional product design with roots in ethnography, and systems thinking. It is effective in determining the most optimum touch points for customers to access a service, and how these access points, in aggregate, become the experience.” – Lorna Ross (design manager, mayo clinic center for innovation) – Video

Redefining value: To business and to society

“All value only emerges in the context of a relationship and the best value lies beyond the qualitative kinds taught to businesspeople (like price and performance). The opportunity to create the most and best value, over the long term, requires us to understand qualitative issues that drive decisions, meaning, and satisfaction. In this way, service design can strategically drive value in businesses (and even NGOs).” – Nathan Shedroff (program chair, mba in design strategy, california college of the arts) – Slides & Video

Business performance

Topics to address are the background of User Experience Design at Fidelity Investments, how to use design thinking to build a customer-centered culture, explain the project that he is undertaking to serve the unmet needs of aging families, especially around conversation. -Fred Leichter (chief customer experience officer, fidelity investments) – Slides & Video

Creating value: Little things make the biggest difference

“This presentation features lessons from the Amazon Best Seller What’s Your Purple Goldfish. It will cover the ingredients of creating value and the 12 different types of little extras. Little things that add value and make life easier for customers. The presentation will feature customer-centric marketing lessons from leading brands such as Apple, Disney, Southwest and Zappos. Attendees will learn about differentiation, the importance of service design and its impact on loyalty and word of mouth.” – Stan Phelps (best-selling author) – Slides & Video

For more information on the conference, its program and participants, see the conference website.

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