22 March 2012

Cross-channel blueprint depicts experiences between touchpoints

Originated from the field of service design, the service blueprint is a great way to visualize all user interactions with a single service. But the blueprint has some disadvantages designing for experiences between touchpoints. An upgrade is needed. Designer Tyler Tate outlines the added value of cross-channel blueprints for designers focusing beyond individual websites.

Tyler Tate (a.k.a. @tylertate) notices the following:

The practice of information architecture is undergoing a tectonic shift away from creating individual websites and towards designing cross-channel experiences that span both the digital—from desktop to mobile—and the physical-from print to storefront. While the information architect’s skillset is well-suited for this new challenge, our existing tools are not.”

Source: “Cross-Channel Blueprints: A tool for modern IA” (Tyler Tate ~ Feb. 2012)

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