10 May 2012

Customer experience at the core: Five competencies

Investments in technology… A shiny new website… A re-invigorated brand… There are many tangible efforts that can be made to pursue customer experience goals. But they need to be complemented by activities that affect the organization more deeply.

“To make customer experience stick as part of your operation, you need an organized and phased approach for how to integrate this new competency into your organization,” says Jeanne Bliss, who’s served as a Chief Customer Officer for large US companies. “Without it, ‘CX’ becomes one more customer focused ‘hoopla’ event that your company tried for a while and then abandoned.”

She shares her recommendations in the form of five competencies:

Competency #1 – Define the Stages of Experience to Gain Alignment around Customer Experience
Competency #2 – Develop Experience Based Customer Listening and Feedback
Competency #3 – United (Cross-Silo) Experience Reliability and Accountability
Competency #4 – Manage Customers as Assets – Prove the ROI between Experience and Growth
Competency #5 – Create a “One Company” Customer Experience Culture

Source: The 5 Customer Experience Competencies (Jeanne Bliss, a.k.a. @jeannebliss)

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