23 November 2012

Customer Experience Councils can solve silo problems

Inconsistent, incoherent and fragmented customer experiences are more the rule than than the exception. One of their major causes is the lack of coordination between departments in an organization (a.k.a.the silos). Initiating Customer Experience Councils might be a tactic to make sure customer experiences are orchestrated properly.

The idea of initiating multiple Customer Experience Councils across the organization comes from Colin Shaw (a.k.a. @ColinShaw_CX ~ Beyond Philosophy). With these councils, responsibilities and authorities for the experience of customers are assigned to a clear entity. According to Shaw, the purpose of these councils is to bring together key people across the organization to review the end-to-end experience.

To bring together all departments which impact CX and work as a team to improve CX are important objectives of such councils. The council addresses issues such as what can be done to improve CX and how the organization is performing against their customer measures.

“By stabilizing this process people start to see the whole customer journey and realize the impact they are having on the overall experience of the customer. Through the right measurement, overlaps and gaps can be identified and opportunities to improve the experience can be worked on. Finally, it is a signal to the rest of the organization that the customer experience is important.”

From: “How to overcome organizational silos – Customer Experience Councils” (Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy)

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