26 March 2012

Customer experience revolution

A book on the success of experience companies

A revolution is now underway, a shift in dynamic that has changed the customer-business relationship forever. “Customer Experience Revolution” – a book about customer experience leadership written by Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne – is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how businesses are evolving today.

Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne write:

This customer experience revolution is taking place because of the need for companies to find new ways to be different and more valuable to customers, because of the expansion of the Internet and the mobile devices that access it, and because of the displacement of traditional ways of shopping, and the rise of social interaction technology that allows individuals to instantaneously share their experiences with other people.

These factors have changed the playing field. Now companies are not only being judged on their advertising messages (branding) or their interactions with customers (customer service, websites, smartphones, bricks-and-mortar stores) or even their special offers (customer loyalty). The new paradigm that encompasses it all is “customer experience”.

Only if all of customer’s interactions (‘touchpoints’) with a company are successful will that company prove to be a customer experience leader.”

Source: The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever“, (Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne, 2012).

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