20 April 2012

Introducing the “Chief Customer Officer”

As customer experience receives more and more attention across industries and throughout the world, it is starting to receive its most powerful mandate yet: A C-level representative which champions it from the highest levels of an organization. Forrester’s Paul Hagen has been following this trend, and reports both on its prevalence, and how these roles function.

He says:

As companies mature in their customer experience transformation, many realize there are limits to evolving without reorganizing the operational structure to more closely align with customer needs. Other companies are deciding to change their business models from product-focused to services-focused models. These are the firms that often elect to put their CCO into an operational role so that they can oversee large parts of a restructured organization. They manage large teams and budgets and can implement change quickly relative to CCOs in other models.

No matter the authority model, the appointment of a CCO typically signifies a high level of executive buy-in to customer experience and a strategic mandate to change how a company functions.

Source: How Chief Customer Officers Are Driving Change  (Paul Hagen)


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