6 December 2013

Introducing the Informaat Customer Experience Canvas

A model for the orchestration of customer experiences

Organizational barriers too often stand in the way of achieving excellent customer experience. Overcoming these barriers requires a new approach: Discovering the many facets which influence CX and understanding the timeframes in which they play a role. A model to visualize these facets – and support their orchestration – is needed.

We have developed such a model: the Informaat Customer Experience Canvas. The canvas addresses both the internal and external activities which organizations can undertake to arrive at a common CX vision and strategy, achieve an underlying CX foundation, and carry out and monitor ongoing design and delivery operations.

Our model often forms the basis for our engagements with new clients, and enriches our work with existing ones. While we continue to evolve it based on our learnings and discussions, we feel that it’s time to share the insight it provides with the wider world.

For an introduction to the Canvas – and why we see orchestration as crucial to excellent CX – we invite you to watch this slidecast. It contains a presentation by our managing director Strategy & Delivery Rob van der Haar at the recent Strategy Platform Banking and Insurers.

The Informaat Customer Experience Canvas by INFORMAAT

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