21 February 2012

Or how strategy is worthless without a strong culture

Besides Design, there are several other organizational challenges regarding customer experience; two of which are Culture and Strategy. In his article with the thought-provoking title Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch, Shawn Parr explains the crucial role, value and relevance of an corporate culture and how customers directly experience this culture.

Culture, like brand, is misunderstood and often discounted as a touchy-feely component of business that belongs to HR. It’s not intangible or fluffy, it’s not a vibe or the office décor. It’s one of the most important drivers that has to be set or adjusted to push long-term, sustainable success. It’s not good enough just to have an amazing product and a healthy bank balance. Long-term success is dependent on a culture that is nurtured and alive. Culture is the environment in which your strategy and your brand thrives or dies a slow death.

Source: Fast Company (24 january 2012)

UPDATE: Bob Frisch wrote a rebuttal.

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