29 August 2012

Outside In

A landmark CX publication for businesses

Tuesday August 28, 2012 will be marked as an important date in the field of Customer Experience (CX). On that day, consultancy firm Forrester Research published “Outside In: The power of putting customers at the center of your business”. This book will definitely bring more awareness in the business community at large on the role, relevance and value of CX.

From a business perspective, ‘Outside In’ covers six separate disciplines: culture, strategy, customer understanding, measurement, governance, AND design. Chapters describing each of them are full with case studies and other anecdotal evidence from different (mainly US) industries.

The authors Harley Manning (a.k.a. @hmanning) and Kerry Bodine (a.k.a. @kerrybodine) have done a great job evangelising the importance of CX for any business organization. Read the book!

We love this quote from Harley Manning: “To achieve the full potential of CX as a business strategy, you must do it in a systematic, repeatable, and disciplined way.” (Blogpost)

The book “Outside In: The power of putting customers at the center of your business” (Excerpt .PDF)

The article “The 6 Disciplines Behind Consistently Great Customer Experiences” (FastCo)

We hope to post a review of the book soon.

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