19 April 2012
Jesse Grimes
Jesse Grimes

Putting “experience” first

User experience – or customer experience, as is our somewhat-broader focus – should lie at the heart of any organization. And there are several ways to help accomplish this, one of the most valuable being the incorporation of real users into design and development. Using examples from around the globe (US-based Walgreens, UK-based Zopa, and M-Pesa which originated in Africa), Wolff Olins’ Mary Ellen Muckerman provides some insight on when (and when not) to invite users behind-the-scenes.

She says:

Today’s most successful “useful” organizations are oriented around this ethos. Their feedback loops (listening to their customers) and iterative releases (frequent launches) make them more fluid, responsive, and relevant than their competitors. The height of this relationship is co-creation, where consumers are engaged to create the product or services themselves.

Source: User Experience Is The Heart Of Any Company. How Do You Make It Top Priority? (Mary Ellen Muckerman)

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