10 May 2013

“Service Design for Industrial Designers”

As a discipline, service design continues to earn greater attention within the design and business communities, but what’s happening in academia? In Delft, one university is looking at what role industrial design education has in educating future service designers.

The Delft University of Technology has a well-established and well-respected design education program, which – incidentally – has been the source of education for many colleagues at Informaat.

The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering might not sound like the first place you’d look to find service design activities taking place, but Froukje Visser has been doing just that. To capture the recently-completed project, she’s recently published “Service Design by Industrial Designers”.

An assistant professor as well as a practicing design consultant, Visser has already been involved in service design work. To explore how it could become more established within the TUDelft curriculum, she set up a “think tank” comprising students, teachers, and outside practitioners. Different topics were explored over the course of the project:

  • Involving users
  • Prototyping
  • Social media
  • Commitment stakeholders
  • Back-end design
  • Business models

The involved parties included large-scale Dutch corporations, alongside municipal and academic bodies, as well as dedicated service design consultancies.

With each chapter dedicated to one of the topics above, the activities and findings of the group are presented in a graphically-led style, with many quotes, photographs and observations. And although each is summarized with a conclusion of the team’s learnings and implications for the TUDelft curriculum, they also serve as practical, hands-on explorations of many techniques under the service design umbrella. This is especially useful, and not as common in other publications where commercial sensitivities limit what can be reported.

Source: “Service Design for Industrial Designers” (English-language, lulu.com, 2013) by Froukje Sleeswijk Visser

Academia (1), Methodologies (11), Service design (41), User-centered design (12)