24 April 2012

Start with creating the experience, not the components

Shaping compelling experiences for digital touchpoints is our grand objective. To work consistently with digital design materials, patterns, guidelines and components come in handy. Bill Scott formulates balancing experimentation and a focus on a consistent user interface layer of digital touchpoints in terms of levels of volatility.

There is a natural tension between innovation and standardization and the truth is healthy products will swing back and forth between loosening the constraints and innovating and then pulling back in the reins and standardizing.

Consistency without informed learnings during phases of innovation is the dead letter. And innovation without the learnings of the past and best practices is just wild speculation.

The key thing to remember is everything must be in service to the user’s experience. It’s way too easy to forget this and get in an endless cycles of finessing the UI – which I must remind you might not even be the right experience.

Source: “The Experimentation Layer” (Bill Scott a.k.a. @billwscott)

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