11 October 2013

SX Conference: ‘Design for the connected age’

Recently, Adaptive Path hosted their first Service Experience (SX) conference in San Francisco. The event brought together speakers and attendees from companies, agencies, and public sector organizations. Sketchnotes and some presentations are now available online.

The SX conference reflects a positive trend in the interest and acceptance of service design as a practice in the United States. Until recently, service design there was limited to several academic programs, and just a handful of agencies with mature SD offerings (Adaptive Path amongst them). The UK and north-western Europe — on the other hand — have counted more established practitioners, and seen more examples of high-profile service design projects.

The SX conference also capitalizes on the interest in SD amongst businesses, and the list of speakers includes those from both big-name agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Alongside a push for broader acceptance of SD by research consultancy Forrester (whose Kerry Bodine delivered a keynote) and a flurry of new publications, the level of interest in SD has never been greater.

So what was discussed at the conference itself?

Presentation slide-decks have been made available on the conference website, including the keynote from conference organizer Jamin Hegeman: “5 Things I Wish I Knew: A Service Design Journey“, and Kerry Bodine’s presentation “From User Experience to Customer Experience“.

In addition, Sketchnotes were created for each and every presentation, and can be found here.

Customer experience (67), Service design (41), User experience (39), UX management (11)

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