15 March 2012

The customer journey: Orchestrating touchpoints

Customers own their experiences with a company, its products and services. Many companies still have the perception of inside-out and have lots of ideas, thoughts and confictions of how customers think of them. Strategist Julie Hunt provides a convincing overview of reasons why a proper customer journey map of touchpoints customers interact with supports a company to have success with thinking outside-in.

She says:

Further complications can come from the hard work of orchestrating all customer touchpoints. Customer experiences are occurring as events, related to cross-functional and cross-channel processes that need to be merged into a ‘single experience’ for the customer, as well as integrated in terms of data, process, people, and practices within the enterprise. And this is tricky and complicated, even when the best of intentions are in play.

People, processes, and practices, supported by the right technologies and a customer-focused strategy, all have a part in orchestrating the channels, the touchpoints, the interactions that comprise the customer journey. Excellent customer experiences really come from enterprise commitment, from top to bottom, to make sure customers are successful in every interaction and every experience with company products and services.

Source: Perception: The Customer Journey and Business Success (Julie Hunt a.k.a. @juliebhunt)

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