6 April 2012

The many organizational challenges for UX professionals

Working as UX professional in an organization can bring many challenges. For example, having contact with customers may not be part of the organization’s culture. Or, leadership doesn’t have a clear vision and they don’t share it with the design team. Perhaps the team does not have a solid design process or its members are not on the same page. Fortunately, there are ways to handle these challenges.

Author Patrick Neeman (a.k.a. @usabilitycounts) provides some suggested solutions.

  • “Go on the road. Visit or talk to at least one customer a week.
  • Articulate a vision, and stick to it.
  • Management must let designers do their job and recognize that they aren’t the target audience.
  • Put your design process in place.
  • Design leadership should be able build a team that is on the same page and has shared goals.
  • Adjust your staffing levels and their skill sets for optimal performance.
  • Every feature that you include should provide tremendous value and be integral to the user experience.
  • Emphasize the expectation that your organization should be dedicated to producing products to the highest standards.”

Source: “Organizational challenges for UX professionals” (UXmatters.com)

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