13 December 2013

Top 5 BiRDS posts from 2013

Content strategy, UX management, and service design

B!RDS on a WiRE has had a successful year. Almost every week we managed to publish a least one post. Identifying relevant, interesting and valuable content has been our focus all the time. Content created by CX professionals from within Informaat and curated content by others from outside. This year our focus has been on content strategy, service design (for government services), and UX teams and management.

These are the blogposts of 2013 which were the most interesting according to our readership.

Content re-framing: A digital disruption survival kit
(Bas Evers, Peter Bogaards, and Jesse Grimes ~ 2 May 2012)
A manifesto to connect experience design with content thinking ~ “New challenges are upon us content people. the era of digital disruption requires adaptation at many levels by anyone involved with content, whatever its form or shape. as content crusaders, we want to point the road to travel with 10 imperatives. Old school and cutting-edge content organizations and professionals all face the same challenge of inventing and discovering mechanisms, rules and principles of unknown territories for content application. With this manifesto, we intend to reduce the friction in our collective journey of credible, useful, and relevant content for the digital era.”

Service design in government: A systematic approach to designing digital government
(Mark Fonds ~ 1 March 2013)
“In this final part of a trilogy on how to successfully design digital services for government, we outline the systematic approach used by informaat. Service designer Mark Fonds explains our approach in a pecha kucha format.”

UX design and change management: Introduction
(Gerjan Boer ~ 6 June 2012)
“What’s the relationship between user experience design and change management? What can designers and change managers learn from each other? These are two questions which I have been trying to answer lately as a manager of design projects. In a series of posts, I will explore these topics and share my findings.”

What makes a successful UX team?
(Editor ~ 29 March 2013)
“Last week we looked at the role of UX managers and the important responsibility they shoulder within organizations. Now lets step back from that single role and look at the UX team itself. What can be learned about how it is composed, and what criteria determine its success?”

Introducing dialogues: A technique for delivering better government services
(Mark A. Fonds and Peter J. Bogaards ~ 17 September 2013)
“This three-part article is about a new technique in design projects for citizen-centred government services: the Dialogue. We will introduce dialogues to the service design community and share our lessons learned in using this technique. We also want to explore how dialogues create a shared understanding and commitment among designers and internal stakeholders.”

Content strategy (20), Service design (41), UX management (11)