3 April 2012

UX investments results in long-term loyalty, trust and profitability

The community of user experience design still struggles to get a foothold in large organizations. Contrary to business that proves profitability through price and marketing, UX must show that investments in UX equals increased conversion and/or better experiences, which then result in long-term effects on loyalty, trust, and profitability.

Rian van der Merwe (a.k.a. @RianVDM ) writes:

“So how do we begin to solve this problem? We do it by ensuring the work we do is credible, consumable, and relevant:

  • Credible: Use solid methodologies, accurate measurement, and success metrics that are clearly defined and agreed upon upfront.
  • Consumable: Tell the story really well to business stakeholders, using plain language to explain our process and its benefits, as well as the business results.
  • Relevant: Forget about squirrel projects for a while, and focus on things that are important to the business, like Checkout or Landing page optimization.

And (…) can we please just pick a name for ourselves and stick with it? User experience designer.”

Source: “Embedding User Experience Design in large organizations: Issues and recommendations” (Elezea)

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