11 April 2012

What does your ‘regret minimization framework’ look like for SoLoMo?

The ubiquity of social, mobile and traditional technology presents a real opportunity for those bold enough to innovate in the digital world. Many innovative businesses have built outposts on digital channels. However, with all this innovation the challenge remains: For many, each channel still operates independently. Enter the world of the omnichannel approach.

“Apple is a great of example of a retailer who has cracked this and are moving towards [an] omnichannel model by allowing customers to checkout using the card they’ve stored on iTunes. This truly demonstrates the principle of having a centralised technology framework delivering a great customer experience across physical and digital channels.

A simple first step is to create a vision of what a unified customer experience across physical and digital channels looks like for your customers. From this vision you can define the systems, structure and roles required, and create a roadmap of gradual change.”

Source: “Social, Mobile and Local for Omnichannel Customer Experiences” (David Sealey a.k.a. @sealeyd ~ CapGemini Consulting CE blog)

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