27 November 2013

Where we are and what awaits us in 2014

Collecting new year trends from crystal ball readers

At the end of every year, analysts, thinkers and watchers provide their view on where we stand and what’s ahead of us in the coming year. These crystal ball readers predict our future with lots of statistical materials, like diagrams, charts and other nifty visualizations. Applied to various domains such as the internet, mobile or (social) media, they all agree on one thing: Digital disruption of society is getting stronger and stronger. So, what’s their predictions for 2014?

We’ve found the following collections of trends (more to come for sure) for 2014.

The Future of Digital in 2014
During the Business Insider’s Ignition event, business leaders and notable folks in the tech space voiced their thoughts on where the future of digital business is heading. Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget delivered a presentation on relevant trends and developments for the near future. Most important trend: “Multiple devices and screens.”

Fjord annual Trends Report 2014
The report is unveiling what the people at Fjord believe will transform what they do, their clients’ business and ultimately the way we live. (…) This single document outlines the 10 key trends that are going to shape business and society in the year to come. Fjord believes that 2014 will bring even more transformation, disruption, and delight to organizations and their audiences.

Top 11 Mobile Trends Of 2013
“It was a big year for mobile in 2013, as it has been for the past several years. Smartphones took the first steps toward becoming hubs we can use to control our entire lives. Companies became smarter about how they use and deploy mobile devices to make their worker more efficient. Wearable computing is still in its infancy, but 2013 brought the first inklings of a world in which computers will be part of our everyday attire. And the major mobile platforms have matured to the point where it takes some real effort to identify important feature differences between them. Ubiquitous computing is alive and well.” We especially like the trend The Beginning Of Enterprise Mobile 2.0 (ReadWrite)

Forrester: Top Technology Trends for 2014 and Beyond
List of top technology trends for the three-year time horizon by analyst Brian Hopkins. We especially liked “Digital experience delivery makes (or breaks) firms.”

Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014
List of top strategic trends from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013.

Eight Technology Trends Disrupting Business in 2014
New trends and perspectives, including mobility, wearable technology, data analysis and collaborative consumption by Kyle Lacy, Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Research at Exact Target.

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